Corey Worthington, the Party Boy from Australia

Sometimes i write about persons who, either i like their behavior, or they are instructors etc. This time we will see a … “badboy” 🙂

Maybe you don’t know Corey, so video plz…

Corey, Australian, received much publicity when at 16 did not want to go on holiday with his parents and had a party at his house, and as result his parents paid the amount of $20,000, as the 500 (!) guests came out to the streets and they broke everything. This caused a fuss in the media, not for this huge party, but for the reason that he does not said sorry about this, and journalists tried to push him to say… sorry. Please note, he was 16 when he did all that.

Bad behavior? Sure. But what I liked a lot from him (and people loved it, as you can read in comments on videos showing his behavior, many even call him an “Alpha Male”). For example the following Video, you can see where the presenter tells him to take off his glasses and apologize and he refuses and answer in his own way (says that glasses are famous. Is funny though), while in video above he left the station because he was asked to take off his glasses…

Surely those who now entering the Pickup scene, will read about having a badboy-arrogant behavior when talking to women and certainly many instructors are trying through their videos to show the arrogant “kiss my a$$, i do what I like” or “the cocky and funny” style etc. But the purpose of these blog posts is to show to you some style that is promoted from the Pickup community, but from people that have this style naturally and they are not faking it for video purposes. Only the original has its place in this blog and Corey certainly is.


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