Tom Torero hired a girl for his infield videos

Just another day in the Pickup community…

You may know One of them instructors, Tom Torero (he also have a website at has upload many videos with “Kiss Close”. Let’s see one of them:

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In this video you may can a “PRO” who can close as many women as he can, right?
No, the girl in the above video is a model that Tom hired, a woman who he paid so he made this video (and he “can” kiss-close). So, the above video is just another FAKE infield video, like many of them (in general).

The most “PUAs” are fakes, they are just want to get your money and sell you bullshit.

If Tom’s advices were solid, he would do real infield videos and not fakes. Come on Tom, we want to see another infield video with your “Kiss Close”, you make it seem so easy to kiss the girls 🙂

How to play the game of seduction…