instructor used models

Just another day in the seduction community…

You may know They are one of the most known “companies providing seduction services” and of course there are a lot of “PUAs” who have copied the famous “Yad Opener”, the way of approach a girl on street, and is mastered by one of the creators of

Many friends of mine, showed me some Yad’s infield videos and one video in particular, where Yad kisses a girl in a few minutes.

This video seemed too fake to me, since their talking wasn’t related to their behavior. But you can’t say something, if you don’t have any proof.

Let’s watch a typical video from Tom Torero

And another one, where they are using a model for their bootcamp. The only difference between videos, is the place 🙂

You may be wandering what is so strange about the first video? You see a dude, who is comfortable and very cool with women, to kiss a girl who approaced, so what? Well, he couldn’t be so cool, if the girl in the video wasn’t a model, and according to her, she has also participated and in another video.

I’m gonna say it one more time. Most “PUAs” and “instructors” are fake. They want to gain attention from guys who are inexperienced and can not distinguish a video if is true or not, and may even they get excited about what they see. Read the basics, leave aside everything else and go out with friends and approach. It’s very simple.

Instructors are there to make money from inexperienced men and when it has to do with money, they are not going to tell you the truth.

How the game is played…