The truth about most Pick Up Artists now

This text below is from Kezia Noble and gives us a little insight into PUA’s life.

Note that I don’t believe Kezia is worth listening or she has something “special” or “magic” to tell you about women and how to attract them. As you already know, women won’t tell you the truth or what turns them on, because it’s not something standard. But if you like her or her advises, you are free to listen her.

The truth about most Pick Up Artists now.
Most male Pick up artists now rebrand themselves as dating coaches, ( You have been warned) and unfortunately still rely on promoting a false lifestyle in order to attract clients They claim they lead a ‘Rock stars life style’ and boast about being able to ‘bang’ models and celebrities any day of the week, but the truth is, most of them ( especially the ones who are based in London ) are living ANYTHING but a ‘James Bond’ or ‘Rock star’ life style.

In realty, most of them are single or dating an ordinary Plain Jane. Due to London being a very expensive place to live, they either live at home with their parents or live in their girlfriends apartment (the same girlfriend who pays the rent and bills). Most catch the bus to meet their students, and don’t even own a car let alone that Aston martin they posed next to in order to add to their Instagram account. Their days are spent not in the arms of Victoria Secret model, but instead they spend a great deal of time working on SEO and site optimisation. They spend hours on constructing emails to send out to they’re mailing lists that encourage men to spend money on their e-books or latest workshop.

Although there is still a mysognistic and seedy section of the Pick Up Artist Community, which I hope the latest media exposure has helped to purge out of the industry, most of the UK based ones that I know lead fairly dull lives that revolve around web-design or promoting their courses on Facebook. None of them have published books, or a steady source of income, so rest assured most will eventually end up doing another job entirely.

I’m glad I left that community, theres’s so much of it that is repellent, but after you read my honest and unbiased experience, I hope that not ALL Pick Up Artists will be tarred with the same brush.