The Court trial of Tyrion Lannister and the meaning behind

A few months ago the fourth season of the awesome TV Show “Game of thrones” was completed. In the sixth episode of the last season, Tyrion Lannister was put on trial. Could this scene can teach us something?

First, let’s look at the trial scene. And at the end, the monologue of Tyrion Lannister rocks.

So, Tyrion Lannister stands trial for the murder of King Joffrey at his wedding feast. And because he is at a disadvantage, some people found the opportunity to reciprocate with lies, to build a very convincing case of his guilt. For the record, Tyrion saved their city from guaranteed slaughter with the risk of his life.

So, the lesson of this scene is:
People who feel you have demeaned them, whether deserved or not, will go against you when the opportunity arises. You have to remember that in any interactions you have with people.

You have to be a “cool” guy, but do not try to to get everyone to like you. People should be feeling good around you or when you leave them. The ass you kick on the way up is the butt you have to kiss on the way down, remember that.

Even if your friend’s girlfriend wants you, you have to avoid her and keep your friendship alive. Many times I had the opportunity to do something with my friend’s girls, but I decided to do nothing. The result? They are still my friends and of course when I need them, they are there for me.

If you are good to other people, they will remember it. If you don’t, they will remember it too and they will behave proportionately.