Is Good Looking Loser hiring models?

From my first steps in the community, as I was gaining experience, I began to realize that most PUAs are fake. And I do not mean the members, don’t get me wrong, they are here to learn, but those who are paid to teach people.

For me, this “instructor” thing is bullshit. If you want to learn, you can do it yourself, you do not need anyone to teach you, how much someone who simply does NOT have it and simply copies what he reads from here and there.

You can go out with someone you know and learn from him, but paying for instructors is stupid. Why? Because there are NOT shortcuts in self-improvement. You can not learn something directly unless you spend months into what you want to know. It is not bad, on the other hand, to seek for help, but not in such a way.

What I do not like to see is that there are men aged 35-40, going out with 20-24 year old “instructors” to learn the ‘game’. Guys, if you believe that this kiddo can ‘teach’ you ‘game’, then you are already a loser. A little selfishness for f*ck’s sake…

I don’t like to bitch about the PUAs or instructors, I don’t know them and I don’t want to make money from this, that is to fight the ‘competitors’. But I have been asked to talk about some instructors and I do it when I have enough information about them.

One of those instructors I have been asked for is “Good Looking Loser“. Before continue with GLL, let me talk about some tricks that many instructors are using, just to know what they do to get fame and money.

So, in order to become a good instructor, you should have a great ability to tell people lies and share fake stories, you can also read this article for more about it:

What do Venusian Arts ask for a European instructor?

So what do those folks do? When an instructor goes out, infield, with some students from his bootcamp, usually he goes to a place where he already has some of his own people, so he can show to his students ‘how he pickups women’.

If he does not find a girl he knows, the next trick is to approach a girl, pull out his phone while talks to her and show something to her from his phone, let’s say a photo of his vacations. But for the people who are watching him, it seems that he already took her number and shows her if he stored it correctly. Clever, right? But wait, there are more.

Another trick is when an instructor approach a girl, he tells her that he has a bet with his friends that he can approach and talk with her and he asks for her help to win the bet. Or, he says that he will pay for her drink(s), if she acts nice with him and let him take some photos with her. Easy, hah?

And those are not their only tricks. They can pay a girl to ‘act’ like she’s a random girl who got approached by this ‘instructor’ and she fell in love with him. And sometimes, the girl is out for shopping, but when this PUA approach her, ‘somehow’ she forgets about her schedule and everything and go with him on a coffee, instantly, where he already has set up a camera. Or even she’s always ready for sex, no matter what.

Mind = blown

I knew GLL from the videos he made about body building and anabolic. In one of his videos, I also learned about his blog and I can say that I thought he was legit and serious, until he uploaded a video in which he was experimenting with a male masturbator (he put and used it on camera). Although you might think that the man had the courage to do it, if you think you will see that those who show their face in the camera and do such things, means that they simply DO NOT have social life, in short they do not know many people, so they have nothing to lose.

Below you will see some snapshots of some of his videos, where he did some approaches. Next to each image, there is a photo of the woman and you can see that she is a model. The conclusion is yours to make. I will say nothing more, maybe he can approach and ‘close’ every girl in America. But the fake is something that must concern us. Just a tip, beware what and who you are reading, you do not know what result this can have, what insecurity or bad experiences an instructor has and puts it in his writings, drawing someone who is inexperienced.

Update: The original image files were deleted from WordPress due to a request of the GLL’s attorney. I uploaded them again to a free server.

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