Asking 200 Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)

Do you remember this guy, who asked 100 girls for sex? He’s back (Arnie, is that you?) and this time he asks 200 girls for sex.

You can ask what’s the difference? This time he is in Europe (Holland) as he wants to know if there is any difference between US and European girls. The problem here is this, we all know that right now the community is more into direct style (see David X, Mode One, etc) and many of the “gurus” are saying that women are more open to this type of approach, how this guy can’t have sex with a lot women, especially when he is more cooler than most of the PUAs?

I wrote about how the direct is not always the best method in day game and in this video you can see some similarities with my article. For example, you can see some girls saying “i’m going to meet my boyfriend” (this is something you will hear a lot on street), where the girls answering to you something random, just to avoid you.

Watch an example at 1:11. Also see some girls who are leaving when they are hearing the word “cute” (they know what is going on), without hearing anything else (so, they are not hearing the word “sex”, the girls just not like to be approached on the streets).

So, you can clearly see that the “super-direct” game is just a numbers game and just for the record, take a look to the statistics from two well known day game instructors in UK. I know that there is a difference between “I want to make sex with you” and “I want to get to know you“, but their results are similar.

Finally, look how cool this guy is. Even if you are new to this, you can understand that this guy is super confident. However, his confidence is not helping him, so when you read that if you are a super confident guy, you can have sex as much as you want and that the women will fall in love with you, don’t take it easy, it’s business.

As i said before, when you are so cool and confident in day game, girls won’t take you seriously, because you are looking as a guy who do this a lot. I am not here to say to you do not make street approaches, but to tell the truth who most instructors will not tell you, even if the truth is hard sometimes. Of course there are some tricks you can use, in order to avoid these reactions, but i will post them another time.


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