Ross Jeffries Retires

Ross Jeffries retires from the game. At 55 he decided to hang up his gloves and stop teaching the game, as he considers that everything he has to gine to us, he gave it.

Although these are rumors about his retirement, I decided to do a small tribute, because where there’s smoke, there’s fire…

Although Neil Strauss make known the (secret until then) community, by releasing his book “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists“, Ross Jeffries was already known as he is one of the oldest in the game. Along the way, there were so many gurus who decided to retire, as Mystery and Neil Strauss, but Ross Jeffries insisted to continue for much longer.

Ross Jeffries began his career in 1988 when he released his first book titled “How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed“. Although there were many difficulties at that time, Ross Jeffries began to be known when he gave the last money he had to a long commercial. It was then that he received a phone call from “The Phil Donahue Show“, the number one show in America -back then.

No, sir, you can't retire, we need you 🙂

Thus began the golden period for Ross Jeffries, especially in the late 90s. His fame was so big, that the character played by Tom Cruise in the film Magnolia was inspired by Jeffries. So Jeffries is considered as the “Father of seduction “, a title that David X wants to “steal” for marketing.

The rest is history. The community of seduction, from “pure and hidden” ended up being a source of wealth for anyone who saw himself a guru. Dozens of dozens of books and related products released, many of them was just rehearsed material from older books. I will close with what Jeffries said the journalist was taking interview:

In 100 years from now, when i die and become dust, nobody remembers Neil Strauss. Nobody remembers Mystery. But everyone will remember Ross Jeffries