Don’t Believe The Hype

A fad. A clever marketing strategy which a product is advertized as the thing everyone must have, to the point where people begin to feel they need to consume it.

This is the “Seduction community” in general. They make you to believe that if you follow their advices, you become so cool (even if you were a geek) that every woman will fall in love with you, especially if you are going to use some NLP routines and other materials.

They are putting into a trap and make you to pay for every product they sell. The trick is that they don’t tell you all their “secrets”, but you have to pay for another product and even for a bootcamp. But the “gurus” sometimes suck in “pickup” 🙂

They make you to believe that you can approach every girl you will see, in street, Super Markets, squares (almost everywhere) and make her attracted to you by showing your “alphaness”. And of course EVERY woman is out there waiting for you (and other “PUAs”). And if you fail, you just were not in state and you have to order the XCZX product in order to be in proper “state”.

Even in bars, every woman goes there to f#ck with you, you just have to approach her (if you don’t already have this, read our newest book for approach anxiety 😉 ) and she will go to home with you. You must insist using some lines, because if shes tells you to f@ck off, or she is married, or she is out to talk with her friend is all lies and “tests”.

They also telling you that the “AFCs” are alone or the women don’t want them, but the truth is that even the AFCs have girlfriends. And some times they have more than every PUA monkey out there.

The only time you will see alan roger currie showing his “Mode One”, is on stage with paid women 🙂

Don’t believe everything you read. The just want your money. They are using the same materials over and over again, changing some things and with fake field reports make you to believe that their system works. The PU gurus are like the people who sells books on “How to be rich”, even they are not yet.

Find some books that are based in reality, read them and then go out so you can practice what you just read.


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