Krauser’s and Torero’s Day Game statistics (UK)

Nick Krauser is an PU instructor from England, which many call him as one of the top on Day Game in Europe. Tom Torero is another Day Game instructor, also from England. They decided to share their results.

Why I am mention their results? Not for advertisement (I don’t know them personally or neither I have read their books), but because I wrote about the difficulty on game day in general and that the day game is simply a numbers game, besides what the gurus are saying.

So, I decided to post these statistics from guys who are paid to teach you this stuff and considered as some of the best instructors.

So, the statistics from Nick Krauser for 2013 are:
Openings (approaches): 1,000
Phone Numbers (“#Closing”, as it called): 250
Dates (first): 60
Dates (second): 15
Sex: 27 (most of them was from “closes” he had from another year, as Krauser said)

So quite simply, for Nick to have sex with 27 women (in 2013), he had to approach 1000 (!) women. But it is not so simple. He would be able to get their number too. So, Nick from 1000 women, got the number from 250 of them (most of these numbers was flake), but he went on date only with 60 of them (he succeeded with 15 of them for a second date). Imagine to live in a small town and to have to approach 1000 women…

Similar are and the statistics of Tom Torero. He approached ~ 1000 women, he took the number from ~ 300, he went on date with ~ 80 and he make sex with 30 of them. The strange thing is of course that if every (wannabe and/or master) PUA in England approaches about 1,000 women (the young and the most beautiful of course), in the end, every woman in London will know about the PUA’s tricks.

Guys, just relax with the approaches and try to learn better game, so you don’t have to approach so many girls 🙂

That’s why I wanted to mention their statistics in this article. If you are new to the game, don’t expect to approach just 30 women and f*ck them immediately (or f*ck them at all), or if you don’t got a positive response from girls, don’t blame yourself and think that is your fault, it happens even to more experienced guys.

Pickup is a numbers game and nothing else, you can’t expect anything more, especially if you are new to this or with these bullshits the most “gurus” are teaching. Just a few people (from the so called “gurus”) are good enough to approach girls and win them with their game, the most people out there are just playing the game of luck, they approach anything has a c*nt, just to learn if she wants to have sex this day or not (however most people just don’t play, they just tell an opener like “I saw you from there and blah blah” and they think that they are “gaming” the girl).

If you do not know them and want to know more, watch them in the following videos