The future of Pickup is Infinity AR

Those who love new technology products will surely be aware of Google’s new glasses, known as Google Glass. [1] Now if such a technology is good or bad [2], I do not know, but what matters is that other companies have begun to produce related products as well, like Infinity Augmented Reality [3], who uploaded a video explaining why its own program is better than Google’s.

Using Infinity AR platform allows you to use programs such as face, voice and mood recognition. This futuristic phenomenon basically knows what you do, what you want and when you want it, ” the company said.

In the video below, a guy walks around in his attic and a bit later (after he decides what he want to do) he’s dressed and we see to unlock his Porsche with his… thought.

After seeing his amazing skills at the billiard (using always his glasses), the guy order his drink. Here as she approaches the bargain, the program has already begun to scan her face and display her facebook data. Well, you’ll tell me, that’s what I can learn in a few minutes with her and without the use of such expensive glasses. Sit down, we have not finished yet.

The program has already “recognized” her sign and the guy uses this for his advance (“are you are Gemini?“), while her voice shows that she already has been intrigued. The result is to “connect” with her on Facebook and after a while (after eating his salad and doing his workout), the bartender goes to his home, where he offers a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (and the program/wingman tells him that she’s excited).

Now let’s take it one step further and imagine that a Mystery Method’s fan gets it and loads it with routines, negs, stories etc (so you can’t say again “I do not know what to say”), and this program/wingman will analyze each step, for example “you are now at attraction, do not stay there for too long, and try to become more sexual. I open your Mode One book you recently downloaded…

The glasses will be released in 2014 (such as Google’s).

Note that with this article I do not promote glasses or the use of them, it’s just a notifying on new technologies.