Asking Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)

Let’s see a social experiment from one girl and one guy, asking random girls on street for sex. Their reaction is something to talk about.

For start, let’s see the girl (you can also see another “video of her” with more approaches). In this experiment, we can see her asking some guys for sex and the counter on the screen.

The first guy, not only denies her request, but he also calls the police. And the other guys, they are not so cool with this and only a few are “brave” enough to continue this.

And now, the same video but from a guy asking 100 women for sex. First, watch the difference in reaction between men (video above) and women and how shy the men are. The problem is, in my opinion, that the men should be cool with a situation like this, and not the women.

I believe that in the future, the women will grow balls, so they can have babies without needed men, so the men can be as shy as they can, because most men are not using their balls properly (if you know what I mean).

Although this type of approach is difficult for the average Joe, you can see some women who are thinking about this offer (for example at 0:43). We can see that many women who are with their friends, first thing is to look at them, before answer him, and of course, the men who are with the women who asked about sex, they are not reacting to the guy at all.

This can be work and as an advertisement for the Mode One method, because only one woman (at 1:05) reacted.