F*ck Yea!!! BadBoy made an infield video…

BadBoy, the Croatian PUA, who calls himself as the “father” of the Direct Method, has released his first (?) Infield video on Day Game.

BadBoy is one of the oldest in the Seduction community, which is also mentioned in the Style’s book “The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”.

For the record, BadBoy worked exclusively on Mystery Method, but one night someone stolen his set in a very manly way, and later he was asking to teach him this “Direct Game” method. Later BadBoy became his cooperator. But Bad Boy, like any real Bad Boy, threw him out of their co-operation, something that happens quite often in these “collaborations,” like Mystery and Nick Savoy (Love Systems).

Anyway, many was asking BadBoy to make an infield video and after years their voices were heard and BadBoy shows us a Day Game video. What I can say about the woman in this video is that, apart from her “closed” body language throughout the video (in the cafeteria, for example), she does not seem to be particularly involved in the conversation.

See him at a seminar where he is very different, compared to the video above where he is going safe. Of course you can say about the video above that it has low energy due to Day Game and second instead of Direct uses a semi-indirect opener®, because he “opens” her by asking a question about a gift to his niece and then tells her well that he lies to her and blah, blah, blah.


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