What do Venusian Arts ask for a European instructor?

What does it take to make a career as an instructor in Venusian Arts? A fake video and some photos 🙂

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The Pickup company named Venusian Artsis well known. It’s the Mystery’s company, which, while initially called “The Mystery Method,” eventually “turned” to Venusian Arts after the battle he had in the courts where he lost. He works together with Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop, whom you may have seen in the reality of VH1 titled “The Pickup Artist”.

I have said many times that one should not take seriously much of what the community says, how much even the “official” infield videos, since you can not know if it is the instructor’s friend the girls in each video. And that’s about those who have video anyway, since many instructors do not have infield videos (such as BadBoy, David X, David De Angelo, etc.). Here’s what if the video is not true, how can you believe in their theories? That is, if they can not show you in practice, then how do you do it right or how do you accept that a rejection is by your own fault and not by those ‘strange’ theories?

Of course you will wonder how I can be so sure that the videos are not legit. But they already say it in their instructions.

You can see in the picture below a section of various emails sent by Venusian Arts to their collaborators. In this particular part, they send it because they create a European section, which they want to be staffed with ‘capable’ people. What do they want? An authentic or fake video and some photos of women so their profile looks “serious.” Also, as they say in the end, it’s good to have a girlfriend to make it more real, because if they do not show their profile right, they will not have orders for man to man coaching.

So, to get an idea of ​​what’s playing pretty much on commercial dating products and whether you have to be thrilled by those techniques.