And the best Pickup Artist for the 2012 is…

…BadBoy. BadBoy was voted the best Pickup Artist (worldwide) in 2012.

I’m wondering who’s voting, but never mind. BadBoy is very old in the pickup community, but he has not any infield video where he does what he says. For those who are not very “old” in this community, BadBoy was teaching the Mystery Method only and one night, he lost a set by one of the true fathers of the Direct method (yeah, direct game has many “fathers” and not only one).

After that, BadBoy started with the direct method and became a student of the guy who got his set.

Here I must say that indeed BadBoy has worked hard to make the Direct method known and indeed in earlier discussions (when actively participated in forums), he was trying to convince people to try direct (the fanatics back then was into Mystery’s Method ONLY).

Anyway, what’s important is that for this year, the Best Pickup Artist is BadBoy 🙂

And a video from one of his seminars.