Pua Fails

It’s always funny watching men who call themselves “PUAs”, trying to flirt with women on camera (or in situations where people test and judge them) and of course in women who are not paid to do this.

Is someone has some time into this community, and of course he has done many cold approaches, he can understand that many pickup theories do not apply in real world or are too good to be true.

I am not referring on books relating to scientific theories or books that are based on psychological or social experiments, but on books like “How to have any woman you want“. Of course there are books for Pickup who are very well informed about scientific research on this topic.

But enough with talking, let’s see some video of some Pickup Artists in action and you can understand that the only thing they are picking up is the money from insecure men.

In this video, the first one who trying to “pickup” the host is Johnny Wolf, the second is James Marshall, the third is the Vince Kelvin, who at his site says that he was voted as the “#1 Pickup Coach on the Planet” (really, who voted and how?), the forth is Carey the fifth is Speer (all of them was also in a PUA Summit).

I do not know if the channel just wanted to make fun on them or to prove to the world that Pickup is for some people to make easy money, but the video is actually worth watching. However in most books will be read about “Alpha male behavior” or “natural game” etc., but none of these “PUAs” has this “Alpha behavior” they are teaching. And of course the following “PUAs”, as I can imagine, wanted some free advertising.

Next, is Neil Strauss (aka Style) where a German presenter force him to demonstrate on camera how he approach a girl in a bar. Although the place is not a bar and of course is something unexpected for Style (note his reaction), this video shows to us that Style is not real PUA. Where are the alpha male behaviors that they are teaching in their books? However, the reaction of the host (when listening to the routine about the dog’s name) is very funny.

Even is parody, the video below is about the most known pickup lines.


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