The Game is Changing

Last month, I went out every day to “pickup” girls, with more time spend infield than ever before. Day game, Night game and everything between. I did a lot of approaches and I felt like the first days I was new to this thing and I had a lot energy about. What I can see now, is that the game is changing for good…

The new generation of girls and women, are changing the game. Take for example women who are in their 40s. They grew up in more innocent times, they spent their time reading, going to cinemas or going out for flirting, etc. These women wanted more romance and they things going slowly. Hours of talking on the phone, a lot of SMS and so on.

But now, this generation of social networks and duck faces, has nothing to do with the previous generations. If you approach girls between 18-24 years old, you can understand that these girls wants another type of game. The most girls are somehow “stupid”, with their eyes on their mobile every moment.

They don’t have time to talk to other people, because they are too busy to update their status or upload some new photos showing their duck face. Of course there are many girls that are not like this, but the majority is.

These girls can have sex more easily, no strings attached, they are having more dirty mind and… mouth, even from older guys. You don’t have to talk a lot with these girls, so the deep conversations (travel, dreams, etc) are not an option and leave these subjects for more serious girls.

Competition has become more intense, particularly from Facebook and other social networks, where they can flirt with anyone.

Your game must be tight, you should be stronger and more confident and the best method, if you want to approach the young girls (between 18-24yrs), you have to move things to sex quickly. If you are shy, or you are afraid to move things forward, or even if you are a romantic guy, you will hit the wall.