Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde

Most books and advises for young people who are interested in game, have an “all women are the same” logic, so their advice based on this logic only. However, especially if you are more experienced, you’ll notice that this certainly is not the case.

My advice has to do with the fact that women are in two main categories, those that are more social and had many partners and those who are shy and more severe, and they had few and long-term only relationships. Like some men who are more social and confident than the others and they had a lot of women into their life, we are not all the same.

So, this means that you have to be an actor, where you will act according to the type of woman you are talking. If she is a social animal, you must act more brutal and confident, but if the woman is shy and not so open, you have to step back a bit and act more normal to them. You have to be an artist.

For example, if you see a woman that is more experienced with men, more confident (or an alpha female), you can’t approach her and open her with something like “Sorry, who lies more, men or women?“. If her previous boyfriends where alpha males or bad boys, of course you can’t go to her as a p*ssy guy who is afraid to take risks. Your role is to show to her that you are in the same level or even better than her previous boyfriends.

On the other hand, if she is a shy girl, who always avoids eye contact with men, you can’t just go to her, grab her a*s and tell her that you want to f*ck her. You should act cool, just a bit above her level, so she can trust you and open to you. Of course you can still show to her that you are an alpha male, but not an a*shole. Note that women don’t like a*sholes in general, but in a bar where you don’t have enough time and you should attract her in a short time, you should act according to her type.

This is about for cold approaches. If you are going on school together with a girl that you are interested to, things are much better, because you have enough time to show to her your one character, the bad boy (Mr. Hyde), but also the more cooler character (Dr. Jekyll). If you are always on the cocky and brutal type, she will thinks that you are just a horny guy who wants only to f*ck girls and she will turned off.

Please note that this theory is based on my own experiences and of course all women are not the same. Also, sometimes your instinct for a woman may be wrong, you may believe that she is a shy and innocent girl, but in reality she may be very different. But with time, you can understand with more accuracy what type she is and handle them accordingly.


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