What B.F. Skinner can teach us about canned material?

At the beginning of this "community", the "game" has been "played" only with canned routines and stories. The videos was starting to show people the results one can have using those techniques and of course this has meant the whole world to start learning ready routines and false stories, stuff someone had already used once and because he had results, people thought that anyone can achieve these results as well.

I remember, in many discussions on related forums, to saying that these methods are not giving you results, is not the fake story one is telling that can win a woman, but it's you who gets the results and how you are telling this story and of course, if you go natural, you can have better results, as people had decades now (yes, humanity is not waited for Pickup to make relationships).

But many people couldn't hear anything else, because many people feel safe and do not want to leave his security space, by trying out new things.

But what's the relationship with the Skinner in all these? Let's see some psychology to understand better.

In 1948, psychologist B. F. Skinner (1904-1990), did an amazing experiment, known as "Project Pigeon", in order to see the behavior of pigeons and develop missiles that will carried by the pigeons (see the video at the end).

So he putted a few pigeons in some glass boxes and he put a system to give the pigeons food automatically every 15-20". Thus (according to Skinner) at the beginning the pigeon was trying to understand how the system works. However, the food was scheduled to fall at the beginning, immediately after a movement of the pigeon (e.g. hitting the flaps). In a while, the pigeon therefore considered that the move was what made the food to fall, even if sometimes dropping food to the movement are not correlated (aka Pigeon Superstition).

What this means in a nutshell to the game and flirting? That mistakenly we believe (or made us to believe) that if you are say a good line, women will like you. That if you say something someone else had already told before you (and worked for him), will have the same result on you.

Also, they make us to believe that appearance, expensive clothes and/or cars and money can play (or not) a role to win women, but I will analyze it in another topic.

So if you approach a woman with the classic "who lies more, men or women?", you will see that it does not bring you any results, women doesn't want always to answer questions like this, because they want to have fun. Of course you can keep 2-3 ideas on how to start/continue a conversation, but you can not rely only on ready stories.

Now if someone insists that these tactics are working and you have to read/learn more fake stories and routines/quotes, he should probably take an IQ test against Skinner's pigeons.

The last 2 Videos showing some of Skinner's experiments. The original investigation, however, is in the introduction of the filmMr Nobody (2009) (1st Video).