How to Start Managing Your Money

Because the times are changing, everyone should be worried about his finances and the proper management of his budget, and the sooner you understand it, the better.

The main problem is both exaggeration and ignorance, ie how much money is being wasted and what. To be able to manage your money, you need to make a list of how much money you earn per month and how much you are spending (and where).

[Update: You can install Finance apps on your smartphone, to do this job easier.)

Initially, this list should include net income, how much money you get in hand (final amount, after deductions, taxes, etc.), fixed costs, ie the costs you give each month as standard (rent, Internet, etc.) and finally the optional costs where you will put the expenses you give for yourself (eg video games, cinema, gym etc.).

Once the month is over, take a look at your list to see what you are spending. Most likely, it’s a lot of the costs you did not calculate and spent unconsciously. It is good to remember this, from your net income, at least 10% should be deposited. Of the remaining amount, a rate of about 35% should go to your home, that is, your basic needs. Your remaining -standard expenses, such as credit card payments or gym, should be limited to 20% of your income.

If the numbers do not come out, just relax. Knowing the problem, you can solve it. To save you, you should limit your optional costs. That is, go out less, bought cheaper (or less) clothes and generally tried to make more money.

These are some tips to help you manage your money better. Surely the money that one earns are his own and he gives them wherever he wants, but little economy has harmed no one. On the other hand, the “tough” economy is not good either, just keep a balance on the money you earn and the money you spend.


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