How to Approach Women

The major ingredient a guy should have when approaching a woman is confidence. Mustering up the confidence takes time and of course, practice. But for guys don’t have the time to practice, there are a few helpful hints they can incorporate into their approaches.

A simple way to approach a woman. is by asking her an innocent question that has an obvious answer. If she has to think too much to answer a question, you may lose the moment or even get a negative reaction. But if the question is too obvious it will not only break the ice but you will fall right through.

If you see a lovely women in the grocery store ask if she has a good recipe for spaghetti sauce or if she prefers something from a jar. If you are in a department store, ask if she knows where the carpet sweepers are kept. If you are in a book store, ask for a book recommendation.

Asking a question like this is harmless and it gives her the opportunity to be nice. Once she answers the question, that will give you the opportunity for a follow up question so you can continue the conversation. Don’t go into personal questions yet, this will make her questioning your approach or even raise her shield.

If you know how to approach women, you already know the best approach is to be direct and tell her you would like to introduce yourself and find out who she is. It is straight to the point and can save you time. Keep in mind that the woman does not want to be patronized and she will know the difference between patronization and sincerity.

If you are shy, play the shy card. Tell her you would like to meet her but just don’t have the nerve. Don’t be afraid that she may see you as a beta male, this is not true, women love sincerity. Although, if you have spoken to her, you have a chink in the armor someplace because you did speak to her and she will wonder if you are really shy. If she responds, chances are the door is open for more conversation. If you appear to be too forward, then don’t play the shy card assuming that she will love it. Hopefully, the conversation will end in a phone number and maybe even a date.

Teasing is a good icebreaker with some women, especially if they have a sense of humor. When you spot a young woman you would like to meet, create a chance meeting. If you are at a café, ask if you can share her table. If you are on the train, ask if the seat next to her is taken. Either question will most likely elicit a yes. Once seated, introduce yourself and ask a question, chances are that she is boring and wants some company. If you get more than a one word answer, continuing the conversation will be easy.

If you know how to approach women, the next step will be simple. Ask a question or make a general statement such as the weather, traffic or even the store you are in. After her answer or comment, you can tell her that you are hitting on her but chances are she already knows that. She will continue the conversation simply out of respect of your honesty.

This method works flawless, and will help you approach and start a conversation with a woman. Now, just remember to practice these lines in front of the mirror or on women you don’t like, before approach a woman you like to meet. If you can master this approach, then everything else will be easy.