The Game Plan

The game plan it’s not about the girl, but for the game itself.

So you have to follow a strategy. Screen out quickly the girl who is not interest. You have no time for these girls.

Take from her friends the girl who’s interest. It’s simple. But sometimes you will face some unnecessarily complicate things.

Don’t spend time with a girl who is giving you a hard time. If she has a boyfriend, think first if you want to ‘game’ this girl; there are ten others just as cute who don’t have a boyfriend and who would love to be hanging out with you.

For every girl that won’t let you kiss her, there are so many other really fun girls who gladly will. Why spend some valuable time trying to change women with bad attitudes, rigid rules and weird hangups. As Paul Janka said “difficult women remain difficult“.

The most guys who entering this community always ask about the ‘secret technique’ for getting the really hot women asap. There is no secret technique. You have to do the exact same thing. The only difference is you may be more intimidated to do them because you think she is so beautiful.

But the truth is that there is really nothing special you need to do. You still hold her gaze. You still have to close her quickly. You still grab her hand and don’t let go. You still escalate the vibe, tap into sexual tension and drag her away when you know it’s mutually on. That is always the game plan, no matter how beautiful she is.

Either if you are in a trendy club in you city or you are on vacations in a famous place, you still have to screen out the time wasters. You still have to escalate quickly. You think that she’s a 10. So? You still have to touch her in order to escalate. All of these labels like “exotic dancer”, “the girl of your dreams” , “The 10s game” is just to confuse guys, in order to pay for such products. But the truth is that there is nothing different you need to do.

There still are some nights where your game is zero. It’s not your fault, shit happens. You have to stick to what works and don’t change your strategy for every single girl. This is madness.

Just be patient, stick to the plan and you will see results. I would rather have a night where nothing amazing happens and just have a drink than run around talking to everyone, waiting hours to make a move and trying to convince women with boyfriends to go home with me.

No thanks. This is not for me. I don’t have time to do those tactics. I’d rather stick to the game plan. A game plan that has been proven to work.