Some Nights You Have Zero Game

Even though I distance myself from the mainstream seduction community, it provided me with two key insights early on, which changed my life.

The one was that I realized that you have to take your life in your hands and that you can go out and meet new women, instead of waiting for something magic to happen.

The other was that I learn to be more direct and honest, instead of doing “warmup sets” and entertain a group of girls, just to practicing the “delivery of my routines” and being in ‘state’, while a true player just approach a woman he likes, make her smile as she sees him, giggles, and some time later they are making out.

I realized but I don’t want to be the guy who entertains for free some girls he doesn’t like, just to improve his image or increase his lay-count.

But sometimes, even if you approach every girl in the club, you may find that still you didn’t get anywhere. This happens from time to time and it is not your fault only. Or even you can’t approach a single girl on that night.

Maybe you are not being in the mood for approaching and for reasons other than approach anxiety. I don’t follow a rigid structure a la, “approach x girls a night”, but I simply approach girls I feel drawn towards, no matter how many there are around. In a small venue, on an off-night, the number might indeed be zero. On the other hand, in a big crowded venue, it could be several dozen.

The truth is that you can’t expect every night to always have success. And if one night you haven’t any success, it doesn’t mean that your game sucks.

Even if you make no approaches this day, don’t be in a bad mood.

The whole thing has to do with how are you at the moment.
The whole thing has to do with how you feel at that moment.