How To Get Physical With A Woman

Most men are afraid to get physical with a woman, because they don’t know how to do it.

Let’s say you are on a date with a woman you like. You have a great time with her, you are laughing and then you are look over at her, want to kiss her. She stops, as she knows that you want to kiss her, but something stops you to do that.

It’s this little voice inside you. If you try to kiss her and she pull away? If she reject you? If she sees you as a friend?

If you DON’T try to kiss her, you never have another time to do it, and you never know if she wants to kiss you too.

I know that the risk of being rejected from a woman you love, is so powerful, that it takes a lot of work to win it. Most men decide to just walk away from the girl, than fight with their emotions, believing that there will be another moment to try.

But think about it. She’s out with you, she laughs with your -sometimes lame- jokes and she’s enjoys your company. You know that she’s like you, you are not blind. She knows that you like her, she can see too. You are the man. You have to do more, but you are afraid that if you make a move, you will lose this wonderful company of her. You are not afraid this woman, but the loneliness that will follow if she leaves you there.

You are afraid that maybe she tell you that you are moving too fast, that she’s not that type of girl, that she needs more time etc, but the truth is that you don’t know her reaction if you don’t try. But you are willing to leave it for another time, than to try and move things further.

Remember that we are creating our fears. This is not a girl’s problem, but ours. This is what makes ‘bad boys’ so popular, they are not afraid to move things with a girl.

If you try to kiss a girl and she pull away, you are losing nothing because you never had her. It’s better to try and kiss a girl you like and she’s enjoy your company, than afraid to make a move and keep waiting for the best moment to try, this moment will never come if you don’t fight your fears.

So, the next time, try and make small steps with a girl. Start by touching her hands first and then keep moving to her hairs. If she likes you, she will accept your touches. Keep telling her that she has a beautiful smile or sexy leaps and that you can’t take your mind from kissing her. If she smile, then you can make your move, otherwise keep working with her and give her time.