Dated a stripper

Here i’m writing about something that happened to me a couple months ago. I visited with a friend a strip club, because i wanted to test my skills to these girls.

After we sat down, two women came, one for each of us. In me was a brunette from Romania. Her name was Rebeca. When she told me to speak in English, i said to her “Oh, F*ck, my English Sucks” and she laughed (although at the word f*ck, she opened her eyes;)).

In Greece you have to buy a girl a drink in a minute or two in order to shit with you, otherwise the girl will leave after that. So i told her that I was not there to make friends, just to have a drink and return to my home. But she said it was ok, she wanted to stay there with me.

As we speak, i began to tease her, mainly “Push-Pull”. Meanwhile, i said to her “about fortune, because i was there mainly because i was tired to go somewhere else“.

Then i said to her “I am starting to like you, but too bad i am not from here“, and we continue talking.

She always looked at her boss, because as i said, they want from girls to bring a lot of drinks from men. In a few minutes she said to me “ write my number because I have to leave, I sat a long time“.

Some days after this night, a called her and talked many times. After some calls, we went to a date.

This post is to understand that strippers are women too, they don’t need something “special” to seduce them. Many of these girls are working to make money so they can study or just for living. But there are some girls also, that they want to take from you as money as they can and they can “sell” you love in order to achieve this.


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