Natural vs Canned

When I was starting to learn how to be better with women, I started learning routines, stories, openers, negs and more. To memorize ready words and phrases (canned material). Something that hundreds of people in this community do.

But as I improved my self, I realized one thing, that it’s useless to use all these material. They will lead you nowhere.

That’s why now when I read in forums that someone has success and recommend to others to say the x routine, I doubt if he even win over his approach anxiety.

In this blog I am writing about the natural way. This way like your buddy, your cousin or your brother had met women. Do you think that all they just said some routine?

Just remember that the woman is like a potentiometer and “opens” slowly compared to us who are just “clicking”.

The system most people follows is as follows:
-Start with the idea that women should hooked somehow.
-Approach with an opener to turn her attention upon you, but to show indifference (in your view, at least).
-You have the idea that as you approach her, she has more value than you so:
-Tell a story that will raise your value.
-Continue in order to attract your target and receive the signs of interest. (IOIs)
-Make her to raise her value (because your tricks already lowered it) by telling stories about herself and reward her for them (this is not bad though).
-Isolate her and continue from there (this is not bad though).

Of course this method is not always the best and some bad things can happen.

For example:

-A guy approaches a girl with a good opener and go directly to a DHV story.
-The target responds positively.
-The guy believes that he must raise her attraction to him. So, he decides to tell another story about her ex.
-The Target responds positively again.
-The Guy stops for a moment and think what to do next.
-He decides to go into rapport and so begins to ask some questions, which he memorized before.
-He asks different questions about her, without any continuity between questions (something like a career interview).
-He stops and thinking what to do now. He decides that he has to work a bit more in order to see more signs of interest (IOI), before he continue.
-The target is now boring and she understands that this guy has not confident and he was fake in the beginning (this has some logic, sometime you lose your mind if you always thinking what to do)
-The target says the guy to leave.
-The guy decides to make phone close.
-The target does not give him her number, instead saying to him that she has a boyfriend (or she gives him her number, but she never responds aka ‘flake’).

You can ask why I am saying this. We have read so many successful field reports using these techniques. You don’t have to do this type of approach or to memorize tones of lines. You just should approach any girl you like and talk to her, like so many men did years ago. So simple.

Soon I will write some other post about some things you can do in order to raise your lever and your confidence and you will see a tremendous difference over you, as I saw on myself.