Mystery Method? Better not…

Many people have begun using the Mystery Method, a method that uses routines and lines, from the moment you approach a woman, to the moment you close her.

But is a method I do not recommend to use if your want to pickup women. I have seen Mystery’s latest stuff and I can say that I am not impressed at all.

I’m not saying that Mystery’s advises are bad. In fact, Mystery Method is the best method, if you understand the psychology behind the routines and its techniques. Mystery used these techniques in order to be understandable from geeks and nerds. In time, he will be remembered as one of the pioneers in modern seduction scene.

What I realized however is that you can have better results if you don’t use Mystery’s Method, even if has been used by many and has received a lot of positive comments.

The main problem is that Mystery’s Method forces you to have always in your mind the M3 model, while you are in the “field”. This is a big mistake. If you fall into it, then you are not natural in the field and you will act like a robot. You will have in your mind when to neg, where are you on the M3 model, what to say next, what story you have to say to DHV and so on.

The game should be fun and not something like giving exams, which means to learn something to help yourself and not to read a library of material and canned stuff.

Here are some instructors with good stuff and some to avoid (in my opinion):

Ross Jeffries: You don’t believe that you can “tweak” a woman’s mind and make her to love you, do you? I like some mind tricks he has on fear, but I don’t like the “hooks” and “anchors” he is using.

David Deangelo: He has some good ideas, but he could make his products smaller and not so long. We need a decade just to listen to his materials.

Style: He is not a natural, as he is using canned stuff. In the past I have used some of his material, but I am not using anything canned anymore. Besides, my real self is already awesome, why to behave like someone who’s fake?

Hypnotica and Steve P: Very good on inner game. I like these guys.

Vin DiCarlo: I learned a lot from his attraction code and escalation ladder.

Swingcat: Very good advises.

David X: Very good on honesty and how to be a real man.

Zack Bauer and Rob Judge: They usually focusing on non-gimmicky pickups and on using good emotions to attract a girl and also to rely on your instinct at the same time. Very good, too.

And for NLP:
Richard Bandler, Michael Hall