True Players need no Game

With time i realized that the real player is one who has no need of any game. If you want to become a real player, stop downloading tons of materials and start build yourself. I have read in many forums guys asking “how to talk to a girl” and similar questions.

The problem with all these “seduction” forums is this. Let’s say that a new guy registers to this forum and starting to read the threads. The first thing he will do, is to try and learn everything a member with thousands posts has to say. But a newbie can’t understand that the most of these guys are just saying everything they have read from the books and never tried them.

Of course this “newbie” will try then to learn who is the best PU instructor out there. And, to his bad luck, the majority of them will be fanboys to some group, so he will receive another wrong answer. Is this guy had the opportunity to go out with any of these guys, he will understand that they are not worth so much and of course everything they said are straight from the books.

So, stop trying to learn the “best” method, this method doesn’t exist. If the PU instructors knew this method, they will not paid models for their “infield” videos.

Focus on yourself. Do not think what to say but say it. You like one girl, go and talk to her. You don’t want to go direct, go indirect, but just go.

Remember to be playful and not very serious. Be funny but not a clown. No need to think about routines, IOIs, Negs etc. Everyone has something to say for himself.


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