Almost instant date

The last Saturday, a friend told me to go out with him and two other girls he already knew from somewhere else. So we went to a club.

He told me that the one girl was free and he like her, and the other had an affair with a person who was working in the club.

It does not matter, I thought. I suggested that we had to go with his car because I had my at the service.

After we get them from their place, I get to know each other.

Shark: (to the free one) What’s your name?
She: Katerina (HB7) and my friend Artemis (HB8).
Shark: I can’t believe that you two are friends. You have a good fashion sense but Artemis don’t (they both laughed but this line worked for my purposes very well).

While we were in the club, I was away from HB8. So I approached her to get to know her better. I told her she had amazing energy, to break the ice.

We talked for some time and I had to use some attraction building techniques, because she was very cold with me. So, push-pull, negs and many more techniques was needed in order to low her value.

At some point, her boyfriend came to us and before he talk to me, I introduced myself to him and asked him a few things. Then, I turned to HB8 and I told her that he was a very nice guy.

After a few minutes he left us and I moved away from her. Within a few minutes, she approached me and asked me if I wanted to dance with her. I told her that I couldn’t dance this type of dance and we should wait for another song I knew.

When a song I liked started to play, we danced. Her boyfriend came to us and they started fighting. Clearly, he was jealous.

Shortly, we left this place and she asked me if I wanted to go to another place with her. She said than she needed some drinks to forgot her boyfriend’s behavior.

Unfortunately for me, I did not have my own car and I did not want to get a taxi because I wanted to move closer with her and a taxi wasn’t a good place to do that.

So I promised her to go at another time, we exchanged numbers and we left.