Self improvement is not only to attract more women

Self improvement is not only to find more women. You spend time to change, to become a better man, to stop being a nice guy, but you don’t have to do all that only for women.

After my self improvement, I saw a big difference in many parts of my life. My behavior changed completely. Now I can say anything I want to say to someone, without being afraid.

I am not afraid to say what’s in my mind, either at my work, to my group of friends etc. Sometimes, when there were women somewhere, I was different and shy. Now, I’m better in many ways, how I talk, how I stand or sit etc.

So, after some time, the nice guy just stops being nice. You don’t need (and don’t have) to apologize for everything, nor waiting for someone to give you permission to ask or say what you want. You changed yourself and now you have more self-confidence and self-esteem.

Just remember the last time you wanted to say something to someone, let’s say to your boss or to your school, or even to speak in front of many people. Maybe you had to think about it twice before opening your mouth.

Now, these old days now are past. You became a better person, a better man, an Alpha male.