Self improvement is not only to find women

Changing has nothing to do with women alone. That is, you have to change, to become a man, to stop being a nice guy, etc., but it has nothing to do with women alone.

I, for example, have noticed a big difference in general terms. That is, it changed my behavior completely. Now I say what I want to say to everyone.

I do not get stuck to say what I am thinking about everywhere, like in my work, in my group of friends (especially when there are women too and before I was thinking about what to say), I changed my attitude, how I sit, talk, etc.

So, the nice guy stops from being too nice. You do not need to apologize for anything, wait for someone to give you permission to ask or say what you want.

You change yourself and you become self-confidence and self-esteem. If you remember, when you would like to say something to your boss or at the school, in front of many people, maybe you thinking about it twice before open your mouth.

Now something like that do not exists…


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