Signs She’s Not Into You

If a woman is really into you, she is starting to give some certain signs. But she is going to start giving certain signs even if she's not into you, so guys often miss them completely. Let's see those sings a woman gives when she don't want you.

She refuses your invitation

One is OK. But many refuses are not, unless she have to go to surgery the same afternoon. A girl will always find a way to go out with someone who's interesting to.

Not saying about you to her friends

When you come to the date, most women want to get the OK from her friends. If after a few appointments, she has not recommended any friend, it means that is not interested in something important to do with you. She can comes out with you, but because she may not have something better to do.

She is always comes with her friends

If you fail to go out with the girl yourself, then something is wrong. There is not any romantic interest from her side, if she brings her friends with her. So this is another sign that she don't want you. If not give you a chance to get close to her, then is happy with the distance between you.

She is always talking about other men

Unless she's talking about Brad Pitt, or someone else famous and of course fantastic (meaning that she will never have something with him), then if she is talking about other men when you are together, is a nuisance. This girl will certainly seeing other men, apart from you and this is one way you show it. If she ask you some advice about relationship, then be sure that it's time to go because she already has put you in the list of her friends.

She shows more interesting for other men in the group

If a woman spends more time talking with other men than with you, is a sing that she has no interest to you. Maybe she is going out with you, but her mind is somewhere else. Is time for you to go.

She avoids to come near to you

Whether subconsciously or not, if she avoids to make some contact with you, then to have search for another woman. A woman puts on the list of those who will go with them or to have as a friend than your first few minutes of conversation. So if your after many meetings, she is not touching you, then there is just no chemistry.

Negative body language

The body language of a woman who cares about you, is the main sign. She plays with her hair when she is talking to you, mirroring your movements, standing opposite to you and trying to show the best of herself? If not, it sends you a message that she don't care about you.

She is talking about her friends

A sign that many men are unable to read. If you are together and she mentioned a friend of her and asking your opinion, it is obvious that tries to say "no" to you.

No reply to your phone calls

This is another big sign. If she is not answering your calls, then do not try again. Do not assume that she lost your number, that she is trying to call you but you talked at that the same time and any other thoughts like this. There is no worse than a guy who tries desperately. You might think that women love the persistent men, but in the end you will see that she is not respecting these men.