Neg or not?

Although I do not think that ‘negging’ is good, it can sometimes be useful.

Basically, the idea behind a neg is to show to a woman that you don’t care about her or simply you don’t give a f@ck.

Although I prefer ‘disqualification’ instead of neg, a neg sometimes can be very useful.

Let’s give you an example. I was with a friend of mine and we were talking to this girl. At the beginning, I let my friend to talk with her. But after some time, I realized that my friend couldn’t handle her, she had better game than him.

So I decided to talk with her and put her in her place.

So, I told her that her eyes was beautiful but I thought that she was wearing contact lenses.
She answered, while she was touching me, that everything on her was real.
Then I told her ‘If you want to touch me, you have to buy me a drink first’ (thanks Mystery for that).

After that, she was trying some stuff to ‘attract’ me and she gave me her number.

So, a ‘neg’ is useful sometimes, but you should’n neg a woman, if she’s polite. If she’s answering your questions and she asks you too, then it’s bad to throw a neg on her, in order to ‘raise’ your value. Also, negging is not useful in direct game.