Improve yourself in 3 steps

From what I’ve seen though my research and my experience, I can give you some tips on how to change yourself so you can look better than every other men.

The truth is that when I go out, I see people with simple outfits that make them look like geeks. And when a man has a little or no experience with women or has no social life, it’s a huge turn off for women.

Here are some advises I can give you to improve yourself.

Step 1: Dressing

Clothes that do not fit your body

Many men do not wear clothes that fits well on their bodies, and they are choose bigger clothes. A cheap T-shirt which is very well fit, looks much better from a expensive but not so well fitted T-shirt.

Clothes with different colors that don’t match

The color of your clothes should match each other, and of course with the color of your skin. If you are white for example, choose dark colors, while someone who is black should choose light colors.

Also, the clothes should not have many colors on them. As a tip, it is better to go for shopping with someone who’s opinions you trust. A simple tip is the color of your shoes to be the same as your belt.

Out of fashion clothes

Remember, your clothes should be in fashion. It is better to avoid buying a lot of clothing only one time each year, but go for shopping every three or four months. Also read fashion blogs and magazines to get an idea of what is happening in every season.

Bracelets and watches

It is good to wear a good bracelet or a good watch. It changes your style and it’s better from “bare” wrists. My watch is this.

Step 2 : Grooming


Our hair is a sign of how we treat ourselves. It is advisable to go to a hairdresser and get his advice. Prefer a male hairdresser (it’s a good idea if his gay). If he’s gay, it’s better because he’s going to get you a way to look sexy than a woman who will prefer something safe and classic.

Also, the hair should be shortened from your nose and ears. Take a special machine for that.


Our breathing is an important factor. Our mouth should not have a bad smelling. Avoid eating foods containing onion or garlic, and also have some flavored chewing gum. Also, brushing is a must.


The cologne is something you should wear everyday. Also after bathing, it is a good idea to use some deodorant for the whole body.

Step 3: Posture

A few simple tips. Do not make quick moves. Do not talk quickly but slowly and clear. Everyone will understand you better.

I was doing it and I tried to stop it. Also do not do many random moves with your hands, something I noticed on me too.

I noticed that the women I spoke with, every time I raised my hands while speaking, they looked at me with suspicion(?), fear(?), wonder(?) I do not know exactly because I never asked.

But they looked strange at me as I waved like someone who gives a speech. STOP IT. Also avoid to be sitting down or standing in a closed body language.

Your voice should be deep and come out of the diaphragm. As a tip, imagine that when you are talking to someone, he’s a few steps away from you, so you have to raise your voice a bit in order to hear you.

Always keep eye contact with people, especially with women. Sometimes you have look and elsewhere, so you do not scare her, but never look down. That is to look at her eyes for 9 seconds and 2-3 seconds at her right or her left.

I hope this information is useful to you. I learned a lot of ideas just by observing other guys who had a very good style and by reading tips from various men’s magazines.