About Shit Tests

Shit tests are some kind of tests women use (especially the very beautiful) to test a man. You should wait a lot of these tests, especially in the beginning of your game.

But remember that you need to have solid game and confidence, especially if you approach a very beautiful girl, because there are women out there who can put you down within a few seconds, before you even open your mouth.

Women who have a “strong game”, can make you to “shut up” and leave them without been able to do something else. But this is not the case, if you have stronger game.

An example that a usual AFC makes:
-She: I have a boyfriend.
-AFC: Oops, sorry, I’m leaving right now.

Some shit tests and how to avoid them:
-She: I have a boyfriend.
-You: Only one? You do not look very sure of yourself, aren’t you?

-She: I have a boyfriend.
-You: You want another?

-She: I have a boyfriend.
-You: And I have two kittens, one white and one black. So…

-She: When was the last time you had sex;
-You: Tonight.

She: I think that this woman over there is your type (pointing to an ugly woman).
-You: Really? Even you are more beautiful than her.

My favorite:
-She: Go away, I do not want to talk to you.
-Me: Well you are always such a bad girl?
-She: No, I am not bad girl. But I am not in the mood tonight.
-Me: Well. Where are you from; (Or -|So, what do you do?)

Here is another one from an approach I did last Saturday:
I approached two women in a club. But I could approach them from the rear only. When I approached them, the one turns and when saw me, she was scared. This is where I realized that that approach will be on hard mode.

-She: What do you want? I am not interested in talking with you.
-Me: Whoa, calm down woman. What is wrong with you? I thought women have good manners.
-She: I have. I just do not want to talk to you or saying my name to you.
-Me: OK. So I will call you “Miss Bad-Girl 2008“…
-She: (Seeing her friend laughing on my comments) Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, but with the way you approached us, you scared the shit out of us. We just have a few minutes here.

The rule is you do not take seriously what they tell you, but to respond with something funny and just continue your conversation.