Approach anxiety is here…

Approach anxiety is an ugly thing. The fear someone has and can’t approach or talk to a woman. You have to conquer your fear and generally this “Social anxiety” thing.

As “Social anxiety” i mean social problem, you know not to see someone doing what you would say (think) and more.

It took time to me to be able to overcome these problems, but if you sit long enough without approach a girl, this fear returns.

So i was out a few days ago, with a friend of mine (yes, the blog now dealing with current issues) and i tried to approach some girls and i was dazed. It’s some time now where i didn’t make any approach (~ 2 months due to personal problems) and suddenly i “stuck”.

So i have to restart my “workouts”.

Some of my tips to help you (and helped me in the past and I believe will help me again):
-Approach a lot of women (if you are afraid too, start with older women) and ask them the time, some information etc.
-Go in stores and start asking opinions for gifts. If you ask their opinion, at first say thank you and leave. Congratulate yourself, because you talk to some girls, this will give you courage. Later, try to keep the discussion longer and start asking their name and what they do.

At first ask one or two women. With time start asking more than 5-10. Start by visiting a place where women go often (shopping, park etc.) and start working.


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