Approach anxiety is here…

If you ever had dealt with “approach anxiety” in your life, you will agree with me that is evil.

The fear of being unable to approach a woman you like is the worst thing that can happen to a man. You want to be able to beat this fear and and be free from “Social anxiety”.

Social fear is your main problem, you want to not be seen approaching a woman from someone else, or what the others think of you talking to random women and much more.

It took me a long time to overcome those problems, but if you stay long enough without a single approach, the fear comes back.

So it happened to me one evening, a few days ago. I tried to approach this girl and I couldn’t make even one step. I have some time from my last approach (~2 months due to some problems of mine) and I believe that is time to fight this fear again.

Some tips that will help you too (helped me before and I believe it will help me and now):

-Approach every woman you see (if you are afraid too much, approach at first the older women or the ugly) and ask them the time, some information, directions etc.
-Visit some stores and start asking opinions about a gift you want to give. If you ask for their opinion and they answer, say ‘thank you’ and leave. Congratulate yourself because you did it, it will give you the courage you need. Later, try to keep the conversation by asking their name and their story.

At the beginning, you can ask one or two women only. In time ask more, let’s say 10 women a day.