What to do with all this information?

As you may know, especially if you have some time into the pickup community, every month the “gurus” are releasing and a brand “new” product. So my question is, what can or should we do with all this information?

Think about this for a moment. How many books do you believe you need about “alpha males”? Or about the “perfect approach”? Or even what to say to women?

In PU community there are a lot of forums and torrent trackers where people can share or download those products. And the strange thing is that the most of the people who are share these products, didn’t try anything these products saying. However with their comments and the voting system many trackers have, they help to build a hype on some products.

So, guys, my opinion is to learn the basics of the ‘Game’ only. For example, how to avoid being a “nice guy”, how to fix your body language. Also, don’t forget to get a good workout program to tone your body. Anything else is waste of time.