Shark Goes Natural

I decided to go natural and try this type of game. “Natural”, is the method you approach a woman with your real personality and not like someone who knows 150 routines and has not something of his own. Why I did this?

First I am bored the canned material, the negs, the DHV fake stories (to show that you are worth more than her), to keep asking myself “what is the best story to tell” etc.

Is the same as Mystery’s Method, there is attraction, comfort and seduction but it’s better. And it’s better because Mystery says that in the beginning, we have lower value than women, so we have to say a couple of routines to raise our value and be a high-value man (at least in her mind). This idea is for the people who are very ugly and are over 200 pounds.

For those who keep their body toned, have nice and tight clothes, their confidence is on the sky and generally looking good, they are already “high value”, they don’t need fake stories or DHV routines.

I believe that soon the seduction community will move to more direct and natural methods.