Women Love Bad Boys

I’ve read a book about how the nice guys, as opposed to what is common thought, turning off women. The strange thing is that, women love the bad boys.

Our teachers and our parents have teach us so many years to be good guys, to do everything we can for women etc. This book came against on what I knew.

So I began to read and to participate more in the community and so I began to know who is considered as a good writer and who is not. So after a series of books and other products, I began to understand more about them.

I have experienced so many of the author’s examples. If you remember in your school, pretty girls always went with the “bad guys” and not with “nerds” and of course, they dumped the nice guys they had relationship with.

At last, I thought, my questions are answered. So, I tried to “install” into my subconscious exactly what I need to do to never be such a good guy.

The difference between an Alpha male (the name for the best man possible) and the bad guys, is that an alpha male can treat women like the bad guys, but simultaneously he cares for them, compared to the bad guys who do not give a f*ck about them.