Why women love bad boys?

I’ve read a book some time ago, about how the nice guys, as opposed to what we thing is true, turning off women. The strange thing is that women love bad boys.

Our teachers and our parents have teach us so many years to be nice guys, to do everything we can for women etc. This book came against my thoughts and ideas.

So I began to read and research more in the community about this matter. So after tones of books and other products, I began to understand more about bad boys.

I have experienced so many of the author’s examples. If you remember in your school, pretty girls always was with “bad boys” and, of course, they didn’t like the “nerds”, and if they had a relationship with a nice guy, they cheated on him.

At last, I thought, my questions finally are answered. So, I tried to “install” into my subconscious exactly what I needed to do to never be a nice guy or do the same faults they do with women.

The difference between an Alpha male and a bad boy, is that an alpha male can treat women like the bad boy, but simultaneously he cares for them, compared to the bad boys who do not give a f@ck about them.

So, you don’t have to be or act like an as$hole in order to attract women, but the opposite. Just don’t think like a nice guy, that’s all.