I had the opportunity to listen to Hypnotica’s CDs (he is known as the inner game guru). Inner game was basically my main problem. I was afraid to talk to women.

I had not read much about the community, but i couldn’t believe than i had to watch too many eBooks and/or DVDs. It’s like reading all day about how to drive a car and do not have the courage to drive it. That’s how it is.

So I started with the CDs of Hypnotica.

The first CD relates to confidence acquisitions and asks you to write on a paper what you want and then listen the “cure”. In hypnotizes you in the beginning, to “open” your subconscious before he begins.

When i finished the first of the 7 CD, I felt strange. I do not know how to explain it, but I felt different. So I went out with friends and spoke the first woman I met in a club.
Incredibly, i spoke with her for 5 minutes! And she was very beautiful.

Irrelevant things, but I do not know what happened and I managed to make my first step in what i was afraid of, to speak to an unknown person and even more, to a beautiful woman.


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