Let’s Start

When I realized that something I am doing wrong with women, I decided that it’s time to find some help. Honestly, I had some friends who in some strange way, they could get every girl they wanted.

I asked them some question about and their answer was the same, just go and speak to them etc. Completely natural. Yes, I said to myself, I am doing that already, but what am I doing wrong?

I decided to find help on the internet. I did not know something else to do. I thought I do something wrong so I needed some help.

In my search, I found the book “How to Succeed with Women” (1998) by Ron Louis and David Copeland. This book was an eye opener to me.

I saw my mistakes through their examples. At least, I thought, this is something that I had to know before. With a little research, I saw that there is a whole community that has been set up with videos, music files, bootcamps etc. and all was build around a name, Mystery.

So I read a book called “The Mystery Method“.

I did not give it much attention. I saw it Christmas 06-’07 and bought it. It seemed very interesting to me.

I started slowly in the beginning, as I couldn’t apply everything Mystery said in his book. It was completely different from my thoughts and way more different from the naturally style of the Ron Louis and David Copeland.